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Present position

Associate professor, The Bioinformatics centre, Copenhagen Uni.

Research interest

Applied Statistical and computational methods for analysis of genomic data including methods methods for detecting and correcting for population structure, detecting selection across the genome, loci dependent methods for modelling identity by descent and various topics for analysis of next generation generation sequencing.


2000, Natural Science Basic Education, Roskilde University Centre, Denmark
2003, BSc in Molecular biology , Roskilde University Centre
2002-2004, Mathematics, Roskilde University, Denmark
2006, MSc in Bioinformatics, Copenhagen University
2009, PhD at the department of biostatistics, Copenhagen University

Relevant positions

2005, Employed at Steno Diabetes Center as a master thesis student.
2006, Research assistant., Steno Diabetes Center
2006, Research assistant, Department of Biostatistics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
2006-2009, PhD student, Department of Biostatistics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
2008, Visiting Scholar at the Department of integrative biology, University of California, Berkeley
2009-2012, Post doc Department of integrative UC Berkeley/Copenhagen Uni
2012-2013, Post doc, The Bioinformatics centre, Copenhagen Uni
2014-present, Associate professor, The Bioinformatics centre, Copenhagen Uni.

International experience

  • I spend a total of 30 months at UC Berkeley, US, in 2008-2012 doing my PhD and Post docs.
  • I visited Decode genetics, Reykjavik, Iceland, for a month in 2012 and a month 2013.
  • I co-organize PhD courses internationally, including China, Switzerland, Lisbon, and Oulu (see workshop )

honors and awards

Personal grants

Det Frie Forskningråd Post doc grant 1,600,000 DKK 2009-2011
Villum Fonden Young investigator programme 2,300,000 DKK 2011-2015
Det Frie Forskningråd project 1 1,700,000 DKK 2014-
Lundbeck foundation Lundbeck fellow 10,000,000 DKK 2016-

co-PI on large grants

LuCamp Lundbeck Foundation 60,000,000 DKK PI:Oluf Pedersen
UCPH Excellence Programme KU2016 36,000,000 DKK PI:Eske Willerslev

Scientific community participation


More than 80 peer reviewed articles Publication List ORCID Researcher ID Google Scholar

selected Talks

StatSeq WG2 Genotyping By Sequencing Meeting Wageningen, Netherlands 2011
EMGM European mathematical meeting Cardiff, Wales 2006
Hapmap Beyong the HapMap Boston, US 2006
ASHG American society of human genetics San Diego, US 2014
HGV Human Genetic Variation meeting Hong Kong 2006
ENAR Eastern North American Region International Biometric Society San Antonio 2009
Genomics of Complex Diseases: New Challenges Granada, Spain 2011

Open scientific Software

Software for population genetic analysis, association studies and next generation sequencing data. All software can be found at

Journal Reviewer

I participate as peer reviewer for the following international scientific journals including American Journal of human genetic, Nature Genetics, Genome Research, Genetics, Annals of human genetics, PLoS Genetics, PLoS ONE, Genetic epidemiology and others.


Course organizer

PhD course co-organizer Human population genetics course Lecturer and running exercises on an intensive five full day long PhD course 2008-2013
PhD course co-organizer Analysis of genotype and NGS data in mediacal and popualtion genetics Lecturer and running exercises on an intensive five full day long PhD course 2016
Master course co-organizer Course Advanced topics in bioinformatics lecturing, running exercises and formulating exam assignments 2015-2016
Master course organizer Statistics for molecular biomedicine 3 Month course, lecturing, running exercises and formulating exam assignments 2012-2016


Master students (projects) Supervised >10 projects
Master students (Thesis) Supervisor for one Master student 6 Finished Master students
PhD students Main supervisor for 3 PhD students 1 finished
PhD students Co-supervisor for 2 PhD students 1 finished
Post Docs Main supervisor for 1 Post Doc 0 former

Lecturer for course or Workshop

Weggis PhD Course Bioinformatics for Adaptation Genomics Weggis Switzerland 2017
Oulu PhD course Next generation sequencing for population genetics Oulu Finland 2016
EMBO PhD course Measuring intra-species diversity using high-throughput sequencing Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Portugal 2015
UCPH Master Course Population genetics Biology, UCPH 2012-2016
UCPH PhD Course Molecular Genetics in Metabolic Diseases Sund/Metabo Center UCPH 2016
AU Workshop Århus Uni. 2007