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Current lab members

Paula Campos

Ryan Waples

Johan Wajn

Shanlin Liu

Aviaja Zenia Edna Lyberth Hauptmann

Jonas Meisner


Pharmacist enrolled in a Msc.Bioinformatics, analyzing positive selection in Corvids species

Ninna Karsbæk Senftleber

Georgios Athanasiadis

post doc with Anders Albrechtsen

I am a Greek geneticist with background in biology, human population genetics and bioinformatics.

Since May 2017 I am a postdoc at Anders Albrechtsen's group at BINF.

My main research interests include the reconstruction of human population history from genetic data, the genetics of complex traits and the development of methods for quantitative analyses.

I also am handling editor at the BMC Journal of Biological Research-Thessaloniki.

An updated list of my publications can be found here.

My [CV_Yorgos CV

Emil Jørsboe

Samuele Soraggi

PhD student

I graduated as a Master's Student in Applied Mathematics at the University of Genova, Italy, defending a thesis on Hidden Markov Models in robotics.

I currently work on an implementation of test for admixture between populations (D-statistic) and inference of ploidy levels in different organisms, and I had been writing a stochastic theory for evolutionary networks.

I am supervised by Carsten Wiuf (MATH) and Anders Albrechtsen (BIOcenter).

Vincent Rosenbaum Appel

CBMR-supervisors: Torben Hansen and Niels Grarup, PopGen-supervisors: Ida Moltke and Anders Albrechtsen. PostDoc at NNF-CBMR: Section for Metabolic Genetics:

Casper-Emil Tingskov Pedersen

I am a Danish biologist, who just handed in my PhD thesis dealing with population genetics of mammals including humans. More specifically, on demographic inference using various types of NGS data. My background is in evolutionary biology, but now, my scientific interest are gravitating toward bioinformatic projects. One such ongoing example is a project on whole genome data of 115 waterbucks (it is an antilope), which we believe can tell us more about speciation in antilopes in general, as well as tell us about the impact of climate change on savannah adapted species.

Feel free to contact me - email:

Supervisor Anders Albrechtsen Co-supervisers: Hans Siegismund and Rasmus Heller


Peter Frandsen

Supervisor Hans Siegismund, Co-superviser Anders Albrechtsen

SiYang Liu

Anders Albrechtsen Co-superviser, main superviser, Anders Krogh.

Former lab members

Line Skotte

Former PhD student with Anders Albrechtsen and Rasmus nielsen.

Post Doc at Serum Institute
My research interests are statistical and population genetics. I mainly work in the crossfield of association studies, admixture analysis and next generation sequencing with occational trancriptome detours. Currently a Post Doc at the | Serum institute