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Current lab members

Georgios Athanasiadis

Postdoc with Anders Albrechtsen

I am a Greek geneticist with background in biology, human population genetics and bioinformatics.

Since May 2017 I am a postdoc at Anders Albrechtsen's group at BINF.

My main research interests include the reconstruction of human population history from genetic data, the genetics of complex traits and the development of methods for quantitative analyses.

I also am handling editor at the BMC Journal of Biological Research-Thessaloniki.

An updated list of my publications can be found here.

My [CV_Yorgos CV

Peter Frandsen

Postdoc with Hans Siegismund and Christina Hvilsom from CPH zoo

As a researcher, I have a background in ecology and evolution. During my undergraduate years, I realised that many of the questions I was interested in answering in the context of evolution, could only be achieved in the field of population genetics. I have been fascinated by the outcome of ground-breaking discoveries that has followed the genomic revolution and feel privileged to have been part of recent years research projects on the African great apes. My future perspectives are directed towards putting this knowledge into an applied context that could provide great improvements to the conservation efforts of endangered species like the great apes.

PhD in Biology, Section of Computational and RNA Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Thesis: “Adaptive Evolution and Demographic History of African Great Apes” MSc in Biology, Qualification Profile in Ecology and Evolution Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. MSc Thesis: “Population genetics of African mammals”. Phd Supervisor Hans Siegismund and Co-superviser Anders Albrechtsen. Now Post doc jointly with Copenhagen zoo

Emil Jørsboe

PhD with Anders Albrechtsen

I have a master's degree in bioinformatics from the University of Copenhagen. In 2016 I started my PhD with the Anders Albrechtsen group.

My research interests are population genetics and medical genetics.

I have worked a lot with genetic sequence data of modern day Greenlanders, doing GWAS and imputation. I have also worked with ancient DNA, Admixture and PCA analysis with NGS data and gene x environment interaction analyses.

Publications can be found here.

SiYang Liu

Former PhD student with Anders Krogh and Anders Albrechtsen. Now Post doc in BGI shenzhen co-supervised by Anders Albrechtsen

My research focuses on using various high-throughput sequencing data to answer important questions in population genetics and medical genomics.

I am interested in both development of new computational approaches and designing of analysis protocol that can maximize the values of one particular data set.

My experience includes analysing human genomes at different scales from high depth sequencing of hundreds of individuals to low depth sequencing data of hundreds of thousands individuals.

My early research also includes work in the epigenomics field.



Jonas Meisner

PhD student with Anders Albrechtsen

I’m a Danish bioinformatician with a Master’s degree from the University of Copenhagen.

I also have a BSc in Natural Science and IT from the University of Copenhagen.

Right now, I’m a PhD student in Anders Albrechtsen’s group.

I’m very interested in method development for high throughput DNA sequencing data in a population and statistical genetics aspect.

Currently I’m working on a framework for performing multiple analyses on low depth sequencing data based on principal components.

Ninna Karsbæk Senftleber

PhD Student with Anders Albrechtsen & Marit jorgensen

I started as a PhD student in March 2017, working with Anders Albrechtsen and Marit Eika Jørgensen (Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen). I have a BSc in Food Science and a MSc in Clinical Nutrition, and therefore a natural interest in food and health.

My research focus is on cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and traditional diet in Greenlandic Inuit. In my first project, I looked at the effect of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on CVD risk, using epidemiological data analysis on data from the Greenlandic Population Survey. We found no effect of the fatty acids on CVD risk.

I'm currently working on a project, assessing interactions between intake of traditional Inuit diet and CPT1A on levels of fatty acids.

As part of my PhD, I also helped collecting data in the recently completed Greenlandic Population Survey (2017-2018), doing clinical measurements on the participants.

Ryan Waples

Anne Krogh Nøhr

Isabella Charlotte Loft

Fanwei Zeng

Wenqian Zhang


Mengyuan Song

Patrícia Chrzanová Pečnerová

Postdoc with Hans Siegismund

I am a Slovak evolutionary biologist particularly interested in the genomics of extinction.

Broadly speaking, my research interests lie within the wide range of evolutionary history, from the origin of species' to their extinction. I am particularly interested in population dynamics and conservation genomics of extinct and endangered species, and I have mostly focused on studying genetic processes in small, fragmented, and isolated populations, using the woolly mammoth and muskox as model systems.

| website

Anna Brüniche-Olsen

Postdoc with Anders Albrechtsen

My research focuses on understanding evolutionary processes using molecular and bioinformatic tools. Most of my work has revolved around endangered mammals, where I have addressed topics such as identifying historical drivers of population dynamics, determining long-term effects of small population size, investigating adaptations to environmental change, and measuring responses to spread of diseases. My research has been implemented in management plans (i.e., gray whales, indigenous cattle breeds, Tasmanian devils), and stem from multiple international collaborations.

See publications on Google Scholar

Email: abruenic[AT]purdue[DOT]edu

Genis Garcia Erill

Cindy Santander

Former lab members

Paula Campos

Line Skotte

Postdoc at the Serum Institute

Former PhD student with Anders Albrechtsen and Rasmus nielsen.

My research interests are statistical and population genetics.

I mainly work in the crossfield of association studies, admixture analysis and next generation sequencing with occational trancriptome detours.

Currently a Post Doc at the | Serum institute

Aviaja Zenia Edna Lyberth Hauptmann

Post Doc at University of Greenland

Visiting Post Doc from University of Greenland - now back in Greenland. Collaporating with Anders Albrechtsen on gut-micro biome in Greenland

Uni GI website

Vincent Rosenbaum Appel

PhD student with Niels Grarup, Torben Hansen & Anders Albrechtsen

I’m Danish, born and raised, though by an American dad and Danish mother.

I have a M.Sc. in Bioinformatics from Copenhagen University, and B.Sc. in NanoScience also from Copenhagen University. I have just handed in my PhD in Metabolic Genetics

Now a working in Qiagen

I’m interested in metabolic association studies in Greenlanders and especially the heritability of those traits in Greenlandic Inuit, which is my current project

My PostDoc page

Casper-Emil Tingskov Pedersen

PhD-student with Anders Albrechtsen, Rasmus heller & Hans Siegismund

I am a Danish biologist, who just handed in my PhD thesis dealing with population genetics of mammals including humans. More specifically, on demographic inference using various types of NGS data.

My background is in evolutionary biology, but now, my scientific interest are gravitating toward bioinformatic projects.

One such ongoing example is a project on whole genome data of 115 waterbucks (it is an antilope), which we believe can tell us more about speciation in antilopes in general, as well as tell us about the impact of climate change on savannah adapted species.

Feel free to contact me - email:

Supervisor: Anders Albrechtsen; Co-supervisors: Hans Siegismund and Rasmus Heller

Lys Sanz Moreta

MSc student with Rute Fonseca

I am a spanish Pharmacist, I graduated from a 300 ETCS Bsc. in Pharmaceutical Science at the Complutense University in Madrid.

I am heading towards the end of my Msc. in Bioinformatics by completing a Thesis in Evolutionary Genomics in Corvides, researching on their molecular evolution and detection of fast-changing proteins.

This analysis might have an impact on the discovery of advantages for these avian species worldwide spread and successful adaptability to every environment.

Samuele Soraggi

PhD student with Carsten Wiuf & Anders Albrechtsen

I graduated as a Master's Student in Applied Mathematics at the University of Genova, Italy, defending a thesis on Hidden Markov Models in robotics.

I currently work on an implementation of test for admixture between populations (D-statistic) and inference of ploidy levels in different organisms, and I had been writing a stochastic theory for evolutionary networks.

I am supervised by Carsten Wiuf (MATH) and Anders Albrechtsen (BIOcenter).